Badminton, star from start to finish of the summer in Ibiza

The badminton, protagonist from start to finish of the summer in Ibiza

More than a thousand children have enjoyed badminton in the prelude to the three international championships that are held from September 12 to 24 on the island.

Badminton has been one of the stars of the summer in Ibiza, as it has been one of the most practiced sports. This is due to the promotional activities prior to the triple international event that is included within the ‘IBIZA 2022’ brand and which will host the IBERDROLA Spanish International, the Spanish U15 & U17 International and the European U15 Championships from September 12 to 24.

More than a thousand children have been practicing badminton this summer, in summer schools andalso in weekly activities called ‘Badminton al Carrer’ (Badminton in the street).

These actions also offer the opportunity to experience these events from within as volunteer. The great expectation generated by the ‘IBIZA 2022’ championships is palpable seeing the interest of the attendees in being part of the championships.

More than 1,000 people… for now!

More than 10 summer schools have included badminton in their activity plan. An average of 60 students between the ages of 10 and 12 have participated in each of them, so more than 600 children have practiced badminton and have learned about the ‘IBIZA 2022’ events.

In addition, each day of ‘Badminton al Carrer’ has reached a big attendance, between 100 and 150 people every Saturday, bringing together nearly 600 attendees. There will be two more ‘Badminton al Carrer’ days and it is estimated that 300 more people will come to enjoy.

Badminton will not lose prominence among the youngest with the arrival of the school year. And it is that from September 11 informative flyers will be distributed in schools.

‘IBIZA 2022’, capital of badminton

Badminton will be breathed in Ibiza during almost the entire month of September, as it will chain three international tournaments whose grand finale will be the European U15 Championships. Thanks to the invaluable support of the Consell Insular d’Eivissa  and the Eivissa City Council, and the predisposition of the Balearic Badminton Federation and Badminton Ibiza, this city becomes in the Spanish and European capital of badminton.

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